Canyoning in Tyrol and during traveling
Experience of pure adventure and a lot of fun at the same time - that's canyoning!

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General Information

Together we are strong! This is an advantage that we like to make us to use. A well-harmonised group helps each other and the experience value is increased. The group is self-motivated, takes the same time consideration to the weaker, without pushing these to self-over-estimation.
Group size is limited depending on the difficulty of the trip to 6 participants per guide. For larger groups by arrangement an assistance of an additional guide is needed.

jump from a bridge


Canyoning is a kind of sport. So haveing your fun in mind, and the experience shall not become an ordeal, you shall bring the joy of movement. A certain level of fitness, sure-footedness and swimming skills are required. The partially vertical Abseiling sections cause you more enjoyment when you are not afraid of heights. But do not worry, I use abseiling techniques where you you can completely focus on yourself, and I belay you.
trust in the equipment

Itinerary, meeting point, transfer:

The trips are organised in the classical sense of a day trip. Not an singular event is the goal, but the whole, stress-free day is in the foreground.
Usually, my storage is agreed as central meeting point to try on the equipment. The transfer from the meeting point is with your own vehicles, carpools can be formed.
First we start with the ascent. In most cases, this leads us through woods and alpine terrain. Before getting dressed and entry into the canyon we strengthen ourselves with snacks. Then we experience the unforgettable canyoning. After a rest, it goes back to the vehicles.


To pass through the canyon and take care of our health we need the following equipment:
Shoes: It is the best to have light mountain boots or running shoes with a sole made of rubber. By no means the sole shall be made of plastic, as this is slippery in the water.
Cloths: As protection against the cold we need a wet suit. If there are only some swimming passages, a surf suit is sufficient. For longer stay in the water it is recommended a suit at least with 5 mm thickness. Diving suits are to thick, the free moving space is hindered. Under wet suit we wear bathing cloths. For the ascent it is enough to have a T-shirt and bath trunks. On the foots we have stockings made of neoprene. We can take with us some dry cloths stored in a particularly water proof bag, but the space is limitted.
Live vest: In canyons with high discharge it is recommended to have a life vest. This has to fit properly and must be fixed with a belt on the lower edge. There is no need for a collar.
Helmet: As in almost all canyons is the danger of stone fall, we have to wear a helmet.
Harness: For canyoning were developed special harnesses. These have a abrasion protection on the backside and mostly a metal ring for connection with the rope. Additional there is a safety line. For sure a climbing harness is also ok, but you have to consider the extreme wear of the leg loops doing sliding.
Ropes: As ropes I use special static canyoning ropes, which are floatable and have less tension.
Bolts: The canyons are equipet with bolts. Nevertheless I take a small sortiment of bolts with me, in case of lack I can fix new ones.
Fotocamera: Praticipants can feel free to take with their own fotocamera. This must be 100% water proof and must be handy size to store it under the jacket.

Rental equipment: Wet suit, stockings, harness, helmet and live vest can be hired from me for a fee. The rental equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each trip.
For using the rental equipment it is obligatory to wear a T-shirt, bath trunks and thin stockings under the neoprene suit!



I'm a certified canyoning guide and member in the mountain sport leadership association. This has a collective liability insurance. Regularly I take part in trainings. For second guides I engage only certified guides or persons with long lasting experience.
I'll take with me all safety relevant equipment as ropes, carabiners, bolts andfirst-aid-kit.

Guide Gunnar AMOR


Canyoning is often mentioned as a risk sport. Although this word is most often used a little exaggerated, committing canyons does have some hazard potential. Here is the first to mention the weather. Due to a sudden heavy rainfall, the water level can rise rapidly and a raging current makes the ongoing trip impossible. Overthrow of the rocky side walls, caused by wildlife, wind or people frequently stones fall into the canyon. The water over washed rock is often slippery and so we must move with care. By the decending sections on the edges is the risk of falling. Therefore, we hang in there our safety lines until we are connected on a fixed rope.

Remaining risk, individual responsibility:

Before the trip, each participant must be aware about the remaining risk and own-responsibility. The following section must be observed!

I hereby certify that I participate after careful consideration on my own decision on the guided trip and that I'm neither drunk nor I'm under the influence of drugs, that I'm in good health, no reaction-reducing medications engaging, have no physical or mental infirmity, I'm not pregnant and owns correspondingly good swimming skills. Since canyoning takes place in the outdoors, I accept that I have to take a risk due to unforeseen events in the mountains and river on me, i.e. I'm aware that I may suffer through carelessness, clumsiness and uncertainties injuries for which the guide can not be held responsible.
I'm aware that I've to follow the instructions of the guide. For property damage and personal injury resulting from failure to follow instructions, no liability is accepted. For the loss and damage of valuables, glasses (contact lenses), watches, cameras, etc. is no guarantee.
Before the trip I'll be taught in an introductory talk about the general behavior and locomotion during the trip. I'll also trained in the function and in the proper handling of equipment and this will not change arbitrarily. I'm aware of the risk factors of this sport, and I'll guide apart from instructions subdue, no peer pressure. Especially with the possible jumps and slides the free decision is up to me to execute them or not.

Signature of the participant